Home Inspiration

Want to add a little extra flair to your home? Use our Gantom RGB DMX or ColorPiano to enhance any corner, backlight an object or mount it up high to run along the ceiling. The best part is you can change it depending on the occasion or season. With the simple app you can set the color or sequence of colors from your smart phone. For the Holidays light it up Green and Red or an icy Blue and white. For Halloween use our Gantom Precision Z for a subtle UV light accent anywhere inside or out! Need help? Feel free to email us and we would be happy to help you figure out how to spice up a certain room or area.

Office/Business Inspiration


Lighting is an amazing tool for businesses. It automatically draws attention to your business, booth or office, gives it a more modern and impressive feel and people will be more drawn to check out your place of business or products. Think about it, you walk the floor of a trade show, where do your eyes automatically go? To the booth that has its products neatly displayed on the table under the harsh fluorescent light? Or to the booth that has its products accented with blues, greens and purples? Need ideas? Send us an email and tell us what you would like to accomplish, we can help!


Who doesn't love outdoor lighting? Placing lighting in key areas of your yard or garden can turn a backyard into paradise. Most places focus on a warm or cool white light, we like to give you color! Think of the theme parks you have gone to. Walk anywhere around their outdoor areas at night and check out how they attain certain looks. Want to go for that Carribean, lagoon, accenting the night look? Try Blues and greens. Want a magical, more enchanted landscape? Try purples and reds. Be the house on the block that has the yard everyone is talking about. Any look you want we can help you attain



On the go this Convention or festival season? Whether you want to go big or small we have what you need to make your booth, camp, car, trailer, RV, or even tent really stand out. Use our Wireless Freedom par to uplight any wall, backing, sign etc. Put it on it's sound activated mode to have it change in sync with your music. No programming necessary here to have a truly amazing show. Another great way to shed a little light on the night is our Wireless wall washer. Powerful, programmable and portable. This light will also change to music if you put it on the sound setting. Pretty amazing stuff right? Want some more ideas? Email us and we are happy to help you figure out what you need to truly stand out this season!

Special Effects

Whether it's for the stage, a festival a special event or your holiday display we have what you need to really stand out. Enhance any lighting with our fog machines and juice from Froggy's Fog, arguably the best Fog creators on the market. Forget the party store or Halloween store machines and juice that die after one season and consume way more Fog juice than necessary. Whether you want an amazing Ground Fog effect for your show or display, use Froggy's Ground Fog Machine with Froggy's Freezin' won't be disappointed. For Halloween or a year round haunted house check out Spectral Illusions Digital Decorations! Ready to kick it up a notch this Holiday season? Get our Froggy's Pro Snow Machine with either Froggy's UV Blue or UV Gold Snow fluid. Use a black light and your snow will glow blue or gold...your neighbors will be jealous, your audience will be amazed and it dissolves so no clean up! Also usable for indoor winter Weddings!

Beautiful wedding couple dancing their first dance in a restaurant with people in the background.

Special Events


Wedding? Quinceanera? Party? Whether it's a large special event or a party with loved ones why not step it up a notch and save money at the same time?! People charge ridiculous fees to light events and you don't even get to re-use it for another event or for the following year. Why pay hundreds of dollars for something when you can get the same effects easily and be able to keep and re use your investment? Doing an indoor Wedding or Quinceanera? Use our Gantom ColorPiano lights to easily program a color sequence that will repeat throughout the night. Use our Freedom Par for up lighting and our wall washer to give an amazing professional level accent to any occasion. Best yet, you can set them to specific colors or you can have them change to the music, all at the touch of a button. Once your event is over, re use them for Holidays, Parties and other special occasions!

Love the idea of pro lighting and special effects but don’t want to own it?

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